Now for something completely different

Big functional and presentation work was done tonight on Itty Bitty RTS, but it is late and I'm going to keep the update short and sweet.

First, farms were implemented that can seed fields and harvest them. Harvests work like lumberyards, dragging the Farm onto the Field tile adjacent to it. Farms accumulate food, but there isn't anything done with it yet. I think, somehow, the food will get distributed out to the structures, which eventually will house people.

Second, the game looks completely different. I've replaced the simple boxes and letters prototype with the start of some basic graphics. I don't suspect the graphics will get a ton of polish in this quick project, but I do hope to iterate on them a bit and build on their current static nature. Still, even as it is, it looks totally different and much better. Here's a demo of both the new farms, and the new graphics.

There are still some visual improvements to make in how I presented the timers and represent the resources on each tile.

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