A Forest Grows

The first prototype was basically a simple turn based system for growing forests and harvesting them with a Lumberyard structure. Everything still looks just as simple, no graphics yet, but it is no longer turn based. Every action takes time, so when you drag a Lumberyard onto a neighboring Forest tile both tiles start a countdown and the action is only complete when the time is up. Later, of course, this will be replaced by some kind of animation.

There are also resources now! The Lumberyard will display how much lumber has been collected from the chopped down trees. Every tile, currently, can support multiple resource types, technically. I'm not actually sure if any tile types in the game are going to use this, though.

Also, Forests are no longer grown by clicking on Grass tiles, which was really just a debug thing anyway. Ticks are now implemented, with change-based actions. A tick happens every second, and the first Change Action implemented is a 10% chance on every tick that a Grass tile adjacent to a Forest will begin to grow into a new Forest tile. Now, the Forests grow and spread on their own!

Here's a little GIF of the harvesting with the new timers and resource counters (You can see a new Forest start to grow at the end, too!)

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