A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


You will pilot the prototype JAM SHIP. Waves of alien fighters have been attacking Earth, but their PULSE WAVES block and repel all our existing weapons, causing mass destruction to our fleets. Only the JAM SHIP is equipped with the experimental PULSE WAVE absorption circuit, capable of directing the enemies own strange enemy into your fire power.

Only by timing your attacks with the pulse waves can you defeat them. It may even be possible, if you absorb enough of their energy, to direct it into the ship for repairs.

Pilot, you are Earth's last hope.


Version 1.1:

  • You now requires a full charge (5 waves) in order to heal or power up your weapon
  • Enemies that evade you will return to the top of the screen for a second attack


beat-shooter-1.1.zip (Windows) 4 MB
beat-shooter-1.1-osx.zip 4 MB


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I really like the concept. I just wish the game were longer, but good job nonetheless!